The failure of the movie station is actually a failure of promotion

movie station also had a period of time, people didn’t realize what, see a few poor IP was a bit cold with your feelings every day. Why is the movie station failure is a generalization of failure? Do the webmaster know, every webmaster has just started to do the site are mostly from the movie station of the movie station is easy to do and relatively more users, when netizens online browsing is the largest movie station, after all the people on the Internet are what place is in the cafe or a little more. So the failure is here, since so many people want to see, in other words, the market demand is large, why have we not opened the sales situation?.

first, the promotion of misunderstanding

we will go to the movie on the line after the promotion, which is the most basic thing to do. But how to promote it? You are single to promote a film or go out the station? I believe that many people will choose to promote the whole station. In fact, this is not good, I was so that the promotion of a little effect. Why? Now the new film new blockbuster, popular TV series than ever before the launch of many, are fast. We want to hold the one to promote, but will be much stronger than the whole point of promotion, but also for some more. Do not believe you do not believe you go to the Baidu search to look inside to know. By the way to the inside to search. For example it is running fire drama "dwelling" there is someone special to see where there is.

two, the promotion of

now there are many ways to promote, but as long as there is a play to the extreme, then your site will be successful. A mail message for this are relatively wide, but sent out after the effect is not very good, I tried to send 100 thousand letters of less than 10 IP, a waste of electricity, is probably the reason I write the soft skills not to cross the border. Forum to promote better than mass mailing, at least can increase the chain. Some forums can not add links, then we have to find a better way to promote the forum, because the forums are often online, looking for something more popular nowadays. Then we will go to find some easier to start the hair site link.

three, promotion of the site keywords optimization

many people know to optimize keywords, but do not know what words are good, take the above "dwelling", we can do a few keywords? May be directly hit 100 pages can not find, of course, refers to the new site, but we changed into "dwelling" free online watch it it was a little earlier. Of course, just for example, there will be smart people to better understand the key words, it is a question of wisdom.

first mentioned this, this is only my recent experience, does not mean that everyone’s opinion. My movie station website welcome everyone to come to watch.

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