n the end of the capital in the winter which companies will die on the way forward

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2014 China Internet circle, if you do not venture or not to mention the idea of their own businesses, are embarrassed to greet people. Emphasize the concept of "mass innovation entrepreneurship peoples" in many national leaders, entrepreneurship is a national level high things, as if everyone business is coming. The business street extending from a few hundred meters to several kilometers, incubators blossom everywhere of all sizes, various price financing sources emerge in an endless stream looks better in 2015, everything suddenly stopped, the winter capital to


so including entrepreneurs, investors, media and so on are beginning to discuss the global economic situation, economic fundamentals, the first tier two market factors and so on. But in addition to these situation, insiders and impetuous atmosphere and flicker caused by the industry cliff turning outs.

in the Wei and Jin Dynasties, society of people taking a drug called "wushisan" became a kind of fashion and culture, taking wushisan, wushisan due to drug was a very violent and complex, the body dry, must eat cold food, cold water bath, sleep cool Kang to heat, but also take a walk through the floor and even move to distribute the drug. Because of the expensive wushisan, taking the trouble, so was popular with the nobility. So wushisan became a kind of social status label. Many can not afford to eat "wushisan" poor, often disguised as a poison, roll on the ground screaming on the ground, to prove that he is the "mainstream society".

and now, wushisan entrepreneurship has spread, either meeting or gathering, if not say in business, they feel shy to greet others. The founder of the streets, investors more than dogs. Suddenly, entrepreneurship has become a popular label, before doing the product, do the operation, writing the code to do the design, when the reporter, run the market, after 70, 80, 90, 95 after 90. Even some college students said, can not find a job, go to venture. Entrepreneurship has become the last refuge and retreat. All business is clearly an idealistic argument, which in fact and universal, universal calcium zinc, people practicing Qigong is a reason that is plausible but quite funny things.

Saif Yan said in his speech, the profit is the first rule of enterprise. But the domestic Internet appeared an absurd phenomenon in recent years: rational burn money, shameful. So we discussed is that burn intensity, burn size, no one said profit, everyone wants to burn a BAT, especially in the field of all kinds of O2O fire exuberant, burn, various concepts, massage, home wash, wash the dog home, home cooking, door-to-door delivery of food and so on, and finally come to the is a feather. O2O the meat and potatoes of the second half of 2015, suddenly became a hot potato in. Like koala bus, meal, etc. These have been the teacher to the media is investors "

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