A marketing killer letusers like you

Who is the

user? Real pain points the user needs in the user what? Remember you? We often transfer between the user location, user needs, just look at the marketing of all kinds of Magic have understood the need to identify the user, need to create a personalized product value……


too much basic knowledge of marketing, eventually, but you really understand? To learn a marketing killer.

Marketing Basics:

user location.

who is your users, how to let them pay attention to you, need you, and buy your account, but also willing to share your friends? Where are you acquainted with them? Online or offline? They love to meet you in


product value.

what value can you bring to the user or, what kind of value can you make the user feel?

this value includes bed can get a solid bed available, there is a brand to buy clothes can get a sense of fashion honor, the value of these two basic points.

these do marketing foundation, and then you need to do is how to achieve the above two points.

in the value of the product on the development of unscrupulous means, in the promotion of the channels to spare no effort to try, in the means of communication on the basis of a variety of bold psychological induction and trap".

you need to do this when it comes to marketing the whole foundation:

each stage of the master is a sophisticated marketing war, products are called the value of content marketing, promotion is the most common way of marketing, and allow users to look your way, you still have more marketing skills to master.

ultra clear market judgment.

write small text need to have a strong ability to control, seeing a market value (for example, from the media, and then judge) in the market of users (such as readers) can bring you value, finally is to find out how you play (appreciation or advertising). For any kind of marketing, you have to master is: the market in the blue ocean and the value of how much they can get a clear return, and finally choose their own way to get benefits.

How to get the value of

in the ocean? Market was the best blank but you have the power to make the products can be, but in the face of many opponents, you must try to grab a piece of "blue ocean", then you have to figure out to make snap: cost, difference and way, then squeeze each other in the edge position, even squeeze under the cliff.

allows users to do without your ability.

how can not be separated from the law, that is, the value of the product can bring value to the user feeling, which is the greatest value of marketing.

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