Traditional industries into the micro business is not into death

today, the rapid development of micro business, led by the cosmetics industry, many traditional industries have chosen to enter the micro business, have achieved good results in transition. "The transformation of traditional industries micro business seems to have become a trend, affecting tens of millions without transformation or transition in the traditional industry giants mood. However, it should not turn, how to turn, has become the focus of the current transformation of micro business two.

Taiwan CCTV financial quality programs "actual business school" as an opportunity, in August 23rd the show invited a number of industry giants as a guest, by the president of psychic Jewelry – Shen Dong Jun wine micro business marketing status as a case, a thorough analysis of the transformation of traditional industries and worry about the micro business marketing of Hi, a reference value.


Shen Dongjun (hereinafter referred to as "Shen"), President of psychic jewelry, jewelry business leaders. The 2010 acquisition of French Bordeaux manor a wine village, 2014 with its self-produced wine through the micro channel, taking into Chinese.

Jiang Nanchun (hereinafter referred to as the "River"), the founder of public media, chairman.

Wang Wengang (hereinafter referred to as the "King"), chairman of the group of excellent spread.

Du Kui (hereinafter referred to as Du), co-founder of I Chong chong.

Dan Ren (hereinafter referred to as "single"), financial commentator.

Wu Taibing (hereinafter referred to as "Wu"), founder and chairman of Wanxing technology.

Yu Jin (hereinafter referred to as "Yu"), McKinsey Global Director partner.

Cheng Shaoshan (hereinafter referred to as Cheng), vice president of China Stone Group business.


traditional enterprises choose micro channel: challenge brand awareness

Yu: traditional enterprises, especially high-end consumer goods, electricity providers in the transformation of the channel, it faces three main challenges: how to build and expand the customer base in early 1. 2 how to build brand awareness. 3 how to solve customer needs and brand consistency.

process: in addition to micro channel there are other channels?

Shen: we originally went to the sales through traditional channels, but I think the disadvantages of particularly large, first of all, the supply chain is too long, the layers increases; secondly, the quality can not be guaranteed, easy to have cultural products, cultural products have become.

Du: a lot of other luxury goods, but also has its own electricity supplier channels, online shop, offline stores and so on, the brand to do a good job, is still a high grade brand image. What features do you use to help you reach your brand’s goals?

Shen: I think every micro business operators have their own circle of friends, so he is the equivalent of a small wine shop, you have a store, for example, colleagues and friends to your home for dinner, drink your wine, feel.

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