Four tips to quickly improve the conversion rate of e commerce sites



with the rapid development of web, many enterprises have joined the e-commerce, but many e-commerce companies doing optimization promotion after a period of time, our e-commerce site although there are traffic, eventually transformed into our users is less and less, enhance the site conversion rate has become one of the most difficult in the new stage of a lot of e-commerce site promotion, so the author will explain how to promote the transformation of e-commerce site rate.

a, to our enterprises to establish a good image

with the rapid rise of e-commerce e-commerce industry is unable to avoid the credit crisis, especially for those roots e-commerce site is particularly prominent, many of our clients are unable to distinguish whether our e-commerce site is normal site, e-commerce site of enterprises to improve the site conversion rate of the first. Things to do is to let the customer first glance to our site as a normal station to look at, when the site design enterprises in electronic commerce more from the user experience and brand perspective, the design conception of how to better to win customer trust design.

two, clearly pointed out the value of the product to the customer

for our e-commerce site description of the product first to highlight the value of our products to the user. Not too monotonous product description, when a customer came to our e-commerce site when we see a description of the product, we must first clear our products can give users what kind of value? What can help the user to deal with the problem? Compared to other products where we are? In general is quickly let users understand our products for their value.

three, the value of the product determines the price of the product

for offline or online marketers, the price of a product is not determined by its cost, but by the value it brings to the customer. This is a lot of e-commerce sites can not understand. This phenomenon is more prominent in the Taobao, the same product and some sellers to continue to promote the price, the effect is not good. But some sellers are in constant prices and sell better, as e-commerce webmaster we need to understand our users to buy products in addition to get the product itself bring value, need more access to buy the kind of satisfaction.

four, a set of perfect service flow

e-commerce site to grow, you need to constantly add new customers, but also to maintain a good relationship between customers, which requires our e-commerce site has perfect service flow, either online or offline, should stand in our user perspective, to help solve the problems of our products the user, so that customers are willing to maintain good relations with us. At the same time, we can help our e-commerce

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