Police: Seeing bears right now is normal, what to do if you run into one

first_imgLast but not least, leave the bear alone if you see one. Streno added, “You want to make sure that you move slowly, that you keep looking at them, but you don’t want to make eye contact with them, you don’t want to do anything that’s going to make them think you’re threatening, even turning and running away could be perceived as threatening to a bear, and they could chase you down and people need to understand, you will not outrun a bear, no one is going to.” V.P.D. said it’s nothing out of the ordinary to see bears this time of year including during the day as they’re on the search for food. Following these tips, Streno said get away from the bear to somewhere safe. More tips: (WBNG) — As the weather warms up, the Vestal Police Department is sharing how to avoid bears on your property and what to do if you run into one. Lieutenant Christoper Streno told 12 News Wednesday, put the bird feeders away and don’t have trash or food scraps hanging around. Plus, make sure there’s no dog or cat food lying around that might lure in a bear. You can call the police if you see one, they may check it out as a safety precautionIf you see a bear, don’t let your pets outsideIf you ever come across an injured bear, do not approach itlast_img

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