The story of 10 years of the Naval Battle: Events that put Bakar on the tourist map

first_imgNumerous important anniversaries that marked 2019 in Bakar were joined by two more related to the most important event of Margaret’s flight and one of the most visited Kvarner events, the Naval Battle. Namely, ten years ago, the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar and the City of Bakar held the first naval battle with the desire to reconstruct as authentically as possible and preserve from oblivion the glorious victory of Bakar over the Venetians who last tried to conquer Bakar in 1616. In 2009, the Bakar City Guard was founded in 1848, a historical unit which, due to its picturesque uniforms and dedicated preservation of heritage, has become a recognizable symbol of the Naval Battle and Bakar. For an underdeveloped tourist destination like Bakar and a tourist community that in many ways started from scratch, the growth of such an event into one of the most visited in Kvarner meant the departure of Bakar from complete tourist anonymity. Three old sailing ships equipped with pyrotechnics are taking part in the Naval Battle of Bakar, and with shots from sailing ships and rifles, holsters and cannons from the shore, fire torches, water bombs and smoke effects, the originality of the experience of a real naval battle is guaranteed. With various accompanying entertainment program, the whole event ends with a big fireworks display over the Bakar Bay by which Bakar became especially recognizable. Find out more about the Naval Battle of Bakar, which starts today (July 13) HERE The program is not focused exclusively on the battle, but we have made an effort to design all-day content for all generations. We start, traditionally, with the morning ascent to the top of Risnjak, which territorially belongs to the City of Bakar. We gather producers of authentic products from the City of Bakar, Kvarner and beyond at the Margaret Fair in order to preserve the rich history and customs of Bakar, modeled on the old Margaret Fair, which has a very long tradition as one of the largest in this area. points out Jelušić Marić and adds that in addition to the already mentioned parade, which is a truly impressive sight combined with the view of historic Bakar, from this year on the initiative of the priest, Nikica Jurić, a procession with the relic of St. Margaret to celebrate the feast of their patron saint. center_img Throughout the decade of the Naval Battle, more and more visitors came to Bakar every summer who bypassed this coastal town, which encouraged the organization of other events, the involvement of associations, producers and caterers and the emergence of an increasing number of renters. “Aware that a large part of the number of visitors, which has grown to almost 15, are families with children, since last year we started a program for children called Little Naval Battle, with which, in our City Garden, in a fun way, we bring the topic of this After a whole decade of holding and three months of preparation for each battle in which more than 000 participants participate, we can say that we are extremely pleased with the recognition provided by the organization of such a large event whose importance is respected by destinations in the area. The naval battle was the beginning of the valorization of our rich heritage on which today, day by day, we are increasingly building a brighter and more successful tourist future of our city.”Concluded Sonja Jelušić Marić. The Tourist Board of the City of Bakar and the City of Bakar realized the idea of ​​reconstructing the naval attack with joint forces, and thus this unique manifestation of revived history in today’s time was created, which is constantly enriched. About the importance of the Naval Battle for Bakar, the director of the Tourist Board of the City of Bakar, Sonja Jelušić Marić, who has been breathing with this event from the very beginning, says: “Aware that we cannot attract visitors to Bakar with a rich tourist offer that was not easy to create in the conditions of post-industrialization, ten years ago we decided to emphasize our rich cultural and historical heritage and make a big event full of good fun to at least become interesting to visitors. . We owe our gratitude for the idea and origin of the Naval Battle to the enthusiasm and initiative of our historians; prof. Krešimir Herceg, prof. Bora Strbac, prof. Boris Petković and archaeologist Ranko Starc ” Photo: TZ Bakarlast_img

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