See eleven for double pomp from Mark Ed Faye


singles by Tmall evolution dual eleven Shopping Festival, a battle without smoke this day has become many businesses on the internet. As the first big move after the listing of the Alibaba, this year’s double eleven is undoubtedly more aspect than ever.

double distance eleven fiery rush to open in less than 20 days, various businesses eager for a fight, to innovation, in this year’s electricity supplier competition, talent shows itself. Therefore, the author specially visited Mr. Wang Dan & business general manager, trying to from this eye-catching menswear brand, see double eleven this year for clues.

Mark Ed Faye, the modern liberty and the pursuit of romance, a brand of charm and powerful, in this 626 big promotion, 828 big promotion are men’s top selling cat climbing wing. After several battles baptism, how beautiful victory 2014 double eleven, Mark Ed Faye is undoubtedly more right to speak.


new special choose

if you want to win in the double eleven war without smoke, insight into the unique properties of the electronic business platform consumers continue to introduce new, very necessary. See the makehuafei double eleven war, it moves constantly, surprises. Always good at making the topic of Mark, to break the shackles of tradition, let the goddess wearing a full of charming men, new wind break offbeat collide in a fashion, a new modern feast. This is Mark, on the popular "goddess’s new clothes" discussion upsurge, and show its brand of freedom, dreams, passion, changing the versatility, can be described as full of gimmicks.

if the "goddess dresses" just to attract the attention of consumers, so 90% of the new investment, so that consumers can not help but buy buy buy! Mark’s for the double eleven investment value of 6 hundred million for the value of new products, such a big investment goods, let Mark have both the triumph in the pack of the capital also, have captured the wallets of consumers confidence.


first class online customer service

customer service has a direct impact on the amount of double eleven day trading. Therefore, improve customer service quality, improve service quality, is the focus of each electricity supplier attaches great importance. The Mark customer service from the original inherent customer service staff expanded to about 250 people, and professional training, so that users can timely and fully understand that Mark Ed Faye are professional consulting services, 24 hours uninterrupted provide customers professional solutions, truly "one to one" quick and thoughtful service. Through customer service meticulous, patient service, insight into consumer demand, passing the brand to create the most suitable for young people, the most popular clothing experience soft culture, but also for its eleven to prepare for the increase in weight.

four warehouse delivery fastest served

logistics is the key link in the operation of the electricity supplier, warehousing, shipping capacity determines the speed of delivery, but also a power >

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