Bai should guide business mascot design contest ended

This year’s

should be Bai mascot design contest in April 2nd began, which lasted more than a month, by the national attention from all walks of life during the event, supported by Guangming, and published a "mascot design contest should guide Bai began soliciting articles" support and publicity publicity; China Central Academy of Fine Arts teacher, Professor Zhang Linghao of Jiangnan University; at the same time, Beijing University of Technology Geng Dan School of design, Heilongjiang Sanjiang Arts Vocational College official recruitment maker micro-blog attention and publicity. As of the end of May 10th enrollment, a total of more than 500 college students, design enthusiasts to actively register fever, excellent works endless. In the final round of voting after the end of the tutor, the winners of the final production.


Bai is a free shopping application. For the new chat shopping model, and the next line of service buyers, speed home. Upgrade in the Internet consumption today has a breakthrough significance. APP has entered the beta stage, twenty thousand active users, users can text and pictures of shopping needs, should guide their Bai through the network platform, the official website, purchasing and other channels to find products and provide free service orders. Can also be based on user needs and budget to recommend products, in order to save time and budget for users, while providing the most convenient and reliable, personalized online shopping enjoy.

The success of

activities can not be separated from the support of major media, design platform, schools and teachers. I also want to thank the many players to participate in this event, not only gain a lot of excellent design works, received more sincerely recommends that users should guide the Bai, in the future to better serve the public to provide more ideas for Bai should.

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