Chinese nets start welcome free plan of 2008 Olympic Games

5 month 13 days, I learned in the million net official website, in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is approaching, as the largest Internet based service providers Chinese, online help the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises China million net games, following the launch of "ten years ago the nets plan" after the re portrait launch "new" network plan, and "China nets 2008 free plan", the theme of "new Olympic Games, new nets".

this event by providing free web hosting space, free domain name and related series of preferential products, in order to further popularization of Internet application, to help more Chinese SMEs seize the trend and the opportunity of the Olympic Games Olympic technology, experience and practice of Internet dream into the trend of e-commerce, the final image and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises through the information.

it is understood that the activities of the limited free payment of 10000 sets of.CN domain name + Ying Ying host, limited daily limit, the first to go. Details of activities are:

industry analysts believe that understanding, the early days of the Alibaba, "Wang Pu" the high-profile launch, Internet based service providers to network led by a potential threat, therefore, the network launched a free activity, is directed at the Alibaba.

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