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outdoor sports Chinese really into the consumer’s perspective is still a thing in recent years, as a branch of sports, Beijing Olympic Games has created a good opportunity for the outdoor industry gradually spread to the mass start. However, the outbreak of the economic crisis in 2008, as well as the leisure sports industry as a whole of the blind optimism and expansion, making the beginning of 2010, a number of brands began a large-scale decline or even collapse.

compared the current status of sports brand is generally high inventory, the China outdoor market is rising trend trend. The size of Chinese outdoor market increased from 60 million yuan in 2000 to 14 billion 520 million yuan in 2013, a large number of data show that only one category, to maintain growth in the back of the store is the outdoor sports area, so many businesses to seek new business growth point will give their attention to the outdoor industry.

, however, due to the gradual blurring of the market boundaries, sports and leisure products and outdoor products are common, and the competition has existed. In the face of increasingly fierce competition in the ground market, domestic and foreign brands are consistent with the old promising potential electricity supplier channels. In the network has penetrated into every corner of life today, to promote the electricity supplier brand than the traditional line of the brand much faster, with the promotion of low cost, targeted, flexible operation, with good interactive advantage. In contrast, a large number of lines of investment operations, high investment costs, high advertising, it seems clumsy. And a well operated shop facing customer base, it is difficult to compare the physical store.

was founded in 1991, originated in France and Pelliot in the outdoor brand Percy China to enter the market, it has to directly enter the field of electricity providers, and formally completed the layout in 2012. At present, Percy and Pelliot have been in Tmall has opened the official flagship store, Jingdong and other platforms also shop, the main sales of male and female, children’s underwear, underwear, charge cashmere underwear, quick dry skin coat, outdoor shoes, T-shirts and other products. Today, Percy and Pelliot Tmall flagship store has achieved good sales performance.

French outdoor brand Percy and Pelliot, is to commemorate the great French explorer Paul and Percy (Paul · Pelliot, 1878-1945) was founded in 1991 2001, Percy and Pelliot took the first step towards diversification of the production line, launched a series of skiing and camping products, in September of the same year, a French youth team designated outdoor equipment. Since its inception, Percy and Pelliot all products R & D and production are in strict accordance with international standards, extensive application of new materials, new technology, new technology, to provide personalized and professional outdoor products for consumers to continue to obtain the trust of consumers. In 2008, Percy and Pelliot Asia fabric technology research center was established, working to develop more in line with the comfort and security of Asia.

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