Analysts said the online shopping or will replace the mainstream shopping

after May 2003, the Beijing subway door began to appear on Taobao’s advertising, when it was just one of many shopping sites, ordinary people simply can not predict its impact on the traditional retail industry today.

according to a survey of the new generation market monitoring mechanism in 2007, WAL-MART, Carrefour and other large stores, stores a day average traffic of less than 15 thousand people, and the user flow every day nearly 9 million people.

thus, is it possible to predict that online shopping will replace the traditional shopping? An online survey of the social survey center of China Youth Daily recently and jointly conducted (7115 participants) showed that 54.4% of people in the past year often online shopping, 45.4% of people think that within 5 years, online shopping will replace the mall to become the mainstream party young people shopping style.

do not squeeze the metro bus, do not have to wear high-heeled shoes and then have to go shopping, can not afford to buy expensive clothes and cosmetics chagrin, many problems can find the perfect solution on the internet. Sitting in front of the computer orders you, wearing pajamas and slippers can also get the same quality of service.

"Netguide2008 China Internet survey report" in the market analysis shows that in 2007 the total consumption of Internet users in China was 398 billion 800 million yuan. Expected in 2008, total consumption will reach 581 billion 500 million yuan.

why do so many people like to shop online? Our survey shows that more than 70% of people choose online shopping because the goods are rich, large selection; convenient comparison, inexpensive and do not run the mall, save time.

in a big city like Beijing, the cost of shopping is really high. For example, want to go shopping at least to spend a day time, money is essential for spending, lunch or even dinner to eat outside, and on the day of the tired, the consumption of time and energy than small and medium-sized city people much higher.

on the other hand, more and more young people in the online shopping is not only goods, services are also increasing. Survey shows that young people are the most frequently purchased books, audio and video, clothing and other goods on the network (84.4%), followed by payment services (32.6%).

"in the past, every end of the month, the business hall of long queues, mobile unicom. Banks are often overcrowded. I have been queuing for a long time since I had an online bank and a network card." Roger of Agricultural University of Hebei. According to statistics, 2006 sales is the fastest growing mobile phone recharge cards, it also shows a trend of people using online services: payment.

Another obvious trend of

is that customers’ trust in online shopping is increasing. Survey, 69.3% of people said that in the online shopping, do not mind too much is a personal shop or company store. 21.7% of people are more willing to directly from the company

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