How to better promote the new station

early railway station should not be too much to do external links, we should pay more attention to the content construction, the author has made such a mistake, the site has just completed, the content is not perfect, desperately to search engines outside the chain of Kung Fu, started ranking may be high, but soon enter the sandbox, the chain too much growth, whether it is Baidu or Google optimization optimization, it is not advisable. For another angle, just started to do the chain, but in a certain time, you can maintain the number of updates and the site of the chain growth is stable, it is also good. In fact, many new sites are directed at the flow to do the chain, that is, website promotion. So, the new site for what to do to promote the work of the early? I summarize, there are five aspects:

the first aspect: through a large number of long tail keywords to get traffic

simple, by understanding the needs of users, constantly enrich website content, for example, I want to do keyword is Warren Buffett, I through the Baidu search or long tail keywords mining tools, find related long tail keywords below the heart, Warren Buffett’s investment strategy, the heart of Buffett Warren, sharing the thoughts of Buffett the feast and so on. The longer the long tail, the less competitive, if a long tail keywords bring a flow of words, then you do ten thousand long tail, is not the flow of the ten thousand IP, why not.

second aspects: through video production, speed access to traffic

video positioning, the relevance of your website video, suitable for the crowd, and then targeted to do promotion. For example, I was doing the game site, I through the video game technology and share my skills, I finished, put China each big video portal, such as Youku, potatoes, cool six of these. Each video is added at the end of the note, which is the link to your website. After the video, I was in the game of Baidu and so on, and so on, and so on, publish their own video. Premise is the choice of popular Wang, the flow of large places.

third aspects: by writing soft Wen, posted to the weight of the high site

conditions, the money of the webmaster friends, you can consider spending some money, released to China’s major portals, such as Tencent, Sina, IT world, etc.. Transmission speed, enhance the visibility of the site. When you do a certain website, Baidu the first time, you can write text, the contents of the article or the last that you think your users a certain website, the article attracted him, allowing users to search through your certain website in Baidu, directly enhance the flow.

fourth aspects: through QQ group, QQ group mail promotion website

QQ group promotion, I put it into four steps: first, choose the QQ group for your website promotion. Two, add QQ group, three, their own QQ group. Four, through the group mail link. However, it should be noted that: members of the group as little as possible, it is recommended that as much as possible to add some advanced group, the ordinary, can not add No. Add QQ group

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