Fans are not omnipotent will cheer will bite

lead: Fan marketing is not the brand management of all those, it away hard work, essentially the one component.


the Internet is "quick" to a certain extent, it makes the pace of wealth creation more and more quickly, and let patience in this era is very scarce.

Bill Gates took 12 years to get his first $one billion, while YAHOO founder Yang Zhiyuan this time will be reduced to 3 years, and the same is 3 years, Lei Jun millet do even tens of billions of dollars of valuation, it leads to the fan marketing, has become the enterprise marketing the Bible is a myth, millet worship entrepreneur believers look up to as the standard.

fan is of course good stuff, it looks great in strength and impetus and uniform access to cheap and not return. But on the other hand, fan culture is brand management in the traditional sense by the product after fast food processing, it is a hard job away to those, such as the brand equity for sustainable expansion, establish brand reputation, evaluation mechanisms, and the extreme concentration of "only this chapter established close relationship with customers, essentially the one component.

is like the examination before the designated key, if the exam just no longer outlined within the scope, fancy candidates will die ugly.

at the beginning of September, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers Meizu Meizu MX launched a new generation of products 4, and changed its usual relatively high cold price strategy, will be 1799 yuan as the starting price of product sales, direct hit its main rival, in the "price" has great confidence in millet. The attendant, "1799" has become a common sign, raging flooded millet official micro-blog’s comment area, resulting in millet, the first time in the history of micro-blog closing comments, and hinted that he suffered a Navy attack.

but on the other hand, the media presents the user through the "1799" Shuabing composition, but found that there are a considerable number of millet users in their booing, fun way to express their dissatisfaction with the millet price — what Meizu’s new mobile phone can be sold for 1799, but millet is still 1999 to


in other words, millet is carefully cultivated in fans, and set off this made of millet is extremely embarrassing public opinion storm, perhaps this is the "fan marketing" fatal short board: Fans Based on perceptual and incentives, is a kind of emotional value identity in those in the wind scene. Fans can show high acclimation behavior, however, once out of the comfort zone, fans in the transformation of the values on no resistance, and even can be said to be ripe.

however, because millet is "Chi Fan marketing", so it is also in many cases by the public with a magnifying glass, prone to demonstration effect. In addition to millet, the number of companies even more fans

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