Win traffic first to win respect

to find traffic, earn IP, lay the site fixed browsing groups, no doubt these are the issues that every webmaster need to consider the development of the site every day. Bustling, traffic is climbing, showered and advertising, it should be said that this is the development of the situation and Prospect of every webmaster want to see.

money money, just out paper, like a photo, this is a lot of common station promotion mode. And the king know for a long time, often visit Admin5, it should be said that learning a lot about do stand knowledge, broaden their horizons, increase of knowledge, but also made a lot of friends, but recently on the Admin5 website to see the individual technical station owners in the Admin5 made many inexplicable soft. "Puzzling" meaning is incomprehensible, and these articles are mostly incomprehensible "lobbyists" and others as "gunmen", "child", those who read the wrong word not soft, make people more confusing, so here the sincere advice: Please Admin5 editors, good relations, for those who love. Ad manuscript, prohibit to release.

In fact,

, technical live webmaster don’t need to write the soft matter, actually many opportunities to do site promotion, the so-called "technology program", no matter how much capacity, after all, can truly show their strengths, any one of the original program, is his wisdom. Let everyone know more from the program webmaster inner world. It is suggested here that the king can provide a special program for those interested in writing the program.


why do you say, who, shortly before he made a few of their original program source code in the network, resulting in the regular flow of unexpected, it should be said that through their site of the original code, win flow also to win the respect and win friends, Why not??

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