Under the economic crisis how to do Taobao sellers marketing promotion

recently in the global Nanchang local forum, QQ group, met a lot of Nanchang local businesses and all Taobao, found the shop business is not how good a lot of Taobao peer chat, you asked me, I said, just a little more than 3000 a month, they all said I only to be startled at. Work spare time tube shop, you can earn so much money.

actually open shop doesn’t have to spend much time, as long as your product, promotion method, you can store booming. I am also a person who loves to share, and now share my own methods and experiences with you. Something.

said Taobao business promotion, I believe we see a lot of ways, I do not say here, I only say that the most useful move.

that’s the city deal. The city has a great advantage, geographical advantages, as well as a shipping advantage, you can arrive on the same day, but also face to face transactions. One of the most important strengths is trust. The geographical advantage can narrow the distance, and then bring kindness and trust. This can increase the chances of success.

target consumer groups turned to the city, then you have half the success. Then you are going to promote and promote it.

is my QQ group, relying on the 2 positions we will make a fuss.

now many people shop after waiting for their home buyers, then there complain that they do not make money, this is a contradiction, you have to pay can return it, you should know that Taobao shops now have not been to the Baidu search, and Taobao is now a rich man’s world, you have to test and show up to buy advertising and various value-added services to search, then you have no money.

the vast majority of our small and medium-sized shops in Nanchang can only rely on their own now. Return to the topic, the simple point is that in the forum to share with high quality. Then go to the forum to promote other forums, as well as in the QQ group propaganda. But post and publicity is very particular about. There are a lot of tips oh.

1, in the forum post, must first find a suitable post this sharing forum, now many sites are in need of such share, there are a lot of websites can be issued a special Taobao advertising stickers, because it is convenient for the majority of users. The Nanchang local site is good, is I found in Nanchang is suitable for the promotion of the website, quack, I and the inside of the moderator administrator mix of more familiar. Mixed more than four months in this site. After a long period of mixed. Inside the circle stores can send some ads, but the ad to hair of good-looking, if Taobao store and simple text, no one would see, generally on the very real images and text description. It is human, but don’t forget to get to the top of each day, the forum to answer users’ questions. The circle www.0791quanquan.com/bbs

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