Talk about do a good job of WeChat Marketing Tips

now WeChat has been very fire, a lot of micro companies have applied for the WeChat public number to do Internet marketing, but how to let you release WeChat can attract people, widely spread and then can improve the conversion rate. I would like to introduce to you the following tips to do a good job in marketing WeChat, WeChat marketing interested friends may wish to communicate with me.

The number of

1, each published content to avoid excessive, in essence

said that although now many intelligent mobile phone screen, but also compared and PC side, has great limitations, so we must avoid the derivative of each published content number too much, in essence, can attract people, do not reduce the fans of the user experience, the best is a figure two or three article collocation the best.

2, service number and subscription number to distinguish positioning

micro business friends to choose the right account according to the characteristics of their products. WeChat service number can only be published 4 times a month, and the subscription number can be issued once a day, which has a strong promotional and marketing needs of the micro business who, unless the special circumstances, it is best to choose the subscription number.

3, their positioning to clear, unique, can improve the user’s stickiness

marketing of WeChat, WeChat or information, must determine its location and core value, to provide readers with what some of the content and depth of service, improve user stickiness WeChat.

4, WeChat released content to attract

in the mobile Internet era, almost no one will spend a lot of time to read long length, so we use WeChat to publish content, content should be short and concise, avoid long and readers don’t want to see it, so as not to affect the user experience. I suggest that the best content of a WeChat in the 800~1000 word, the picture will be appropriate in the 2~3 zhang. In order to avoid the picture is too large and too slow to load on the phone, I suggest that the size of the picture to be controlled within 50k. If the video is released, do not exceed 3 minutes.

5, learn to do the title party

I believe we all know the title is decided whether to open the fan and one of the factors of reading this article, so when we do WeChat marketing, to learn how to do the title of the party, to seize the hot news, point to the novel, of course, is in the range of acceptable to the fans, to learn to use.

6, increase the number of fans WeChat platform

only increased the number of fans on WeChat, so as to maximize the purpose of marketing, improve the reading quantity, the reprint rate and product exposure rate, conversion rate is a key component of WeChat marketing, we can launch her friends and colleagues to become their own WeChat fans, let them to help you increase the amount of fans.

7, learn from competitors

if everyone else

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