Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Toss-ups, board bets, over/unders, more MLB predictions ahead of opening day

first_imgBrad Boxberger vs. Wily Peralta saves (55:31): “You think [Brad] Boxberger is never gonna give the job up?” “Once he gets it — once Boxy gets it…”Bold Prediction: Trevor May will be a top-10 fantasy closer (58:03): “[Brooks Pounders] was born to do one thing…and he’s not doing it.”Bold Prediction: Brandon Woodruff and Corbin Burnes will combine for 300 IP, 300 Ks, 24 Ws (1:00:13): “[Woodruff Burnes] sounds like a lacrosse prep school kid. Woodruff Burnes…the third.” Watch ChangeUp, a new MLB live whip-around show on DAZNAlong the way, we also talk about the effects of jet lag, if it’s actually easier to steal third base (and if it is, why don’t more people do it?), Jose Abreu’s real age, “dinky” lefthanded Yankees power hitters, whether a player can be “too good” to lead the league in stolen bases, Devin Mesoraco’s lack of interest in Triple-A, high school baseball stories, Terrance Gore’s career plate appearances vs. stolen bases, Randal Grichuk and Wily Peralta’s missing “l’s”, a scale for awarding fractions of runs to players when pinch runners are brought into games, nicknames for Jason Kendall and his son, which reliever has the best “porn star” name (spoiler alert: It’s Brooks Pounders), and much more.Fantasy Baseball Podcast: Hot Corner Ep. 2Timestamps and quotesRafael Devers vs. Jose Abreu HRs (4:07): “We have no idea how old [Jose Abreu] is. He could be 40.” “Well, he’s listed at 32…a young 32.”Jose Abreu vs. Jesus Aguilar overall fantasy value (7:51): “Are you worried about a PED suspension [for Aguilar]?” “Ugh, so cynical…but yeah, I’m a little worried about it.”Mike Moustakas vs. Field 2B HRs (11:04): “Eh, Moustakas…overrated.”Whit Merrifield vs. Billy Hamilton vs. Adalberto Mondesi SBs (14:38): “I don’t want to say seven guys are going to steal 50 bases.” “Why not? You’re saying stupid things. Keep it going. Throw it on the pile.”Who will lead the majors in SBs? (21:35): “Let me just give you one piece of advice…” “Please do, I need to learn.” “You can’t steal first base.” “Thanks. That was great.”Carlos Correa vs. Jean Segura overall fantasy value (24:17): “Last year was back…and now we got neck. Those are connected. I don’t know if you ever heard that song.”Manny Machado o/u 30 HRs (28:09): “[Manny Machado] should never have left [Camden]…just keep putting up numbers, man.” “Well, you put up numbers to get your big contract, then you go retire in San Diego.”Kyle Schwarber vs. Randal Grichuk vs. Hunter Renfroe HRs (33:52): “I think…I read [Randal Grichuk]’s in a contract year.” “Whoooo, he’s gonna try so hard.”Tommy Pham vs. Andrew Benintendi HRs + SBs (38:05): “I’m really into runs this year.” … “Yeah? It’s a big runs year for ya? Like it’s a phase: ‘I’m really into grunge rock this year.'” Lorenzo Cain vs. Andrew McCutchen runs (44:39): “I think I probably side with [Andrew] McCutchen, too.” “No, you can’t do that.” “OK, I take Cain…and I feel good about it.”Austins (Barnes and Hedges) vs. Wil(l)sons (Contreras and Ramos) SBs (46:42): “What did we find out yesterday? Wilson Ramos has never stolen a base in his career?” “So, he’s due…”Joe Musgrove vs. Steven Matz W/WHIP/K/ERA/FIP (50:26): “Does it matter that yesterday you called [Joe Musgrove] by the wrong name?” “Eh, that was real quick.”Carlos Carrasco vs. Chris Sale Ks and Charlie Morton vs. Robbie Ray Ks (52:24): “You suckered me into it, what can I say? … I was still embarrassed because I said ‘Jake Musgrove’ so I wasn’t thinking straight.” Anyone can make MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year predictions, but it takes real, hard-nosed baseball analysts to predict whether Tommy Pham or Andrew Benintendi will have more combined stolen bases and homers. The Sporting News Fantasy experts take on that challenge in the second episode of the Hot Corner Podcast, diving into no fewer than 15 player toss-ups that only a fantasy baseball owner could appreciate.The full list is below the podcast player, and we’ll admit it’s fairly heavy on Brewers and Royals (no big-market bias here), but we hit on players from pretty much every team at some point in our discussion (yes, even the Marlins…very briefly at the very end). These are the kind of “board bets” and arguments you might get suckered into with your baseball-loving friends or leaguemates, so we bring you the thrill of those pointless, time-consuming discussions in an easy-to-listen-to podcast.last_img

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