Be on the webmaster and enterprise ignored the Encyclopedia of marketing

The network marketing strategy of

for a period of time have been written in the A5 webmaster and enterprise: talk about how to do marketing blog webmaster and enterprise, webmaster and enterprise how to make inquiry platform of network marketing, how to do network marketing webmaster and enterprise, how to do marketing forum webmaster and enterprise, but the essence of the personal practice my experience is summarized, which has a lot of friends add my Q and I exchange network marketing methods, from their improved learning a lot of experience, will deepen my all of the above methods to understand the network marketing. Today is written about the Encyclopedia of marketing is webmaster and enterprise ignored, I hope with my friends together to learn communication station A5.

What is the first

Encyclopedia of marketing, with the entries of some articles (Ruan Wen), to their own web site keywords in the page by adding the corresponding edit entries, so as to promote the network, for the network marketing for encyclopedia marketing is still relatively new a.

then why webmaster and enterprise to encyclopedia marketing: (1) the Encyclopedia of information to other information on the network. This is reflected in the more authoritative and effective, by professional editors encyclopedia in the background of audit, only high quality authentic information to be passed. (2) Encyclopedia of the weight information platform is quite large, especially the keywords Baidu encyclopedia Wikipedia are basically in the home, which is quite a role for the network operators and enterprises, many enterprises network to publish information on classification information or recruitment information website, when the customer in search of the enterprise when the name of the site some even can not find the master but in the classification of information enterprises or recruitment information website, if the business operators in Baidu encyclopedia edit entries, even if can not find the master but also from the link in the Wikipedia entry to the master. (3) in Wikipedia edit entry links, to improve the site’s weight and increase site traffic is a practical effect.

once again about the popular encyclopedia platform, use Baidu Search "Encyclopedia": Baidu Encyclopedia – the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia; Interactive Encyclopedia – the world’s largest Chinese encyclopedia website; Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; most of the Encyclopedia – within 24 hours of the most embarrassing embarrassment; Wikipedia (Wikipedia) – English Chinese, Wikipedia encyclopedia web access soso Wikipedia; and so on, when the webmaster and enterprise to edit entries can choose the comprehensive and relevant Wikipedia editor.

finally discuss how to edit Wikipedia entries, I mainly in Baidu encyclopedia Wikipedia soso and edited entries, then combined with Baidu encyclopedia 100 how to edit entries (1) entries with figures of fame introduced basic can edit, I often edit characters entry. (2) a registered enterprise name entry is also very easy to edit, I helped a friend of the company to create a Baidu encyclopedia entries, but also can link with. (3) the site should be divided into categories, well-known sites should be very good (I did not create), the new site is not good through (not successful), garbage >

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