On the top 10 tips for network marketing

some time ago just completed a network marketing planning, huh, huh, the effect is relatively good, here to give you the benefit of the disclosure, over five digits. So today decided to summarize some of the tips of the network marketing, I hope you can help.

In fact,

network marketing, my personal understanding, mainly network promotion. As for how perfect the page, how excellent, no visitors, then it can only be called a work of art, and can not bring any practical benefits. Therefore, this article mainly sesame, in fact, is a variety of network promotion techniques, tips.

one. The most practical network marketing tips: information release

The reason why

is called the most pragmatic information dissemination network marketing, not without reason. Because he is a variety of network marketing, one of the most easy to see the actual results. Enterprises in the task, can be the first time to know the quality of staff work, work. You can know how much information is released, released in which the quality of sites, after the release of the degree of concern is how many, can immediately know, of course, this method also has its own defects, that is the ultimate marketing effect, and may not be very good, because after all, in this way the publicity site too many, somewhat similar to the Internet psoriasis small ads.

1) network forum community

choose some popular online forum community, because the community interactive advertising in general, is not what the threshold, and most likely to interact, but the drawback is easy to be a moderator to delete posts, advertising can only show a very short period of time,

2) blog promotion

is currently a lot of independent blog site, are registered to support their own celebrity blog. It should be the best way to interact effectively with visitors who are concerned about their products.

at the same time in some of the more powerful personal blog, you can also contact the blogger in the way of soft advertising, publish some advertising information, get a certain promotional effect. The effect is similar to (1), but only a little higher.

3) B2B platform and enterprise information classification and yellow pages

to publish their own information in many of the city’s business yellow pages. Then go to the B2C mall to do their own products release supply and demand information. As well as to Sohu, Tencent and other portals publish brand News advertising, the effect is the most immediate. Of course, the cost of this promotion is also a relatively high.

two. Internet marketing double-edged sword: external links

through a variety of ways to improve their external links, so as to get a higher ranking search engine, as well as improve their web site on the network weight, is the most effective way. And external links, has also been considered one of the most effective way. But all things are good

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