Emotional marketing can impress people is good marketing

consumers buy and use goods in many cases in order to pursue an emotional satisfaction, or self-image. When a commodity can meet some of the psychological needs of consumers or fully express their self-image, its value in the minds of consumers may go far beyond the commodity itself.

as the product homogeneity serious, consumer demand for products from the function to meet the increased emotional satisfaction and personal values, so relative to the rational appeals, emotional advertising appeals can cater to consumers, to attract consumers.

with product homogeneity, substitutability is more and more high, the function is no longer meet the requirements of consumers are most concerned about, in this context, USP theory is developed ESP theory (emotional selling proposition), combined with the psychological characteristics of contemporary consumers, to consumers by displaying the physical attributes of the product, promotion to cater to the consumer use of products get emotional satisfaction, resulting in emotional resonance with consumers.

emotional marketing, plainly, is playing psychological warfare! And emotion does not necessarily stop love, affection, we look at what can be divided into:

1 love

In the history of

advertising, there are many cases that take love as the theme. In the modern era of emotional consumption, advertising appeals to love as a pet.

example: Hong Kong steamed cake, Dove chocolate, jewelry advertising and so on, love the little sweet let the girls heart.

2 family

family, is nothing can not be replaced, but the family is priceless.

example: some cold medicine, elderly health care products, with "filial piety" to cause Chinese heart affection, have good effect, resulting from the "empirical case", "expert testimony" and "rational" ad in talent shows itself.

3 friendship

example: a wine with a variety of advertising, advertising language, expression of friends or make an appointment to meet the occasion after being apart a long time the hearts of all the excitement and emotion. The brand allows consumers to generate the association, the brand will enhance the degree of customer loyalty.

4 fraternity

patriotism, national feelings, the feelings of society, public feelings are collective emotion, with advertising creative and practical, not only to attract attention, but also to publicize, play a better effect, such as the Olympic Games and other social events; you can also use national elements and symbols, and other characteristics, can not only increase intimacy, closer to the user, the user can use familiar symbols to enhance its brand recognition.

5 other

memories, nostalgia, the pursuit of personality, yearning for freedom, the pursuit of health

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