Grass root sellers drainage personal small Quilted Jacket Recommended window

because the work time is fixed, and relaxed, weekdays are for a lot of time to chat QQ, life was full, but money did not increase, but also very careful in reckoning moonlight light day, but no debt, often to buy big ticket will be half a year ahead of schedule planning……

Taobao shopping is also a germination of the idea of selling points, so you should be able to increase their external block. Through the certification exam, drawn from life in the 1000 budget to pay the deposit is to complete the shop, started selling industrial automation equipment, because he is engaged in this industry, we found that this stuff not only no one at Taobao to sell, but no one asked… Began as the discovery of Taobao Zero Day vulnerabilities like joy disappeared, the vast industrial market is not suitable for the current Taobao. Or do the daily consumer use of things, namely money and big sales. Under the framework of the relay, put all sorts of things together water pump, thermostat pictures, shelves of my favorite digital products, MP3, audio, radio, mobile phone, U disk, camera to the recommended window inside, others sell what I’m directly used to sell, just shelves on the first day of a single, although there is no profit, or really glad.

so slow the whole fast for a few months do not complain about the profit margins, the original intention is to earn a pocket money. But found that the supply is too unstable, most of the inventory provided by the supplier is false, the order for this reason more than half the rate of loss, there is no choice of suppliers is my lingering pain. As a warning for the future, and spent half the time I started to select supplier selection, supply stability, real supplier inventory. Then after the supplier recommended a hand automatic inventory synchronization supplier inventory, price and store inventory from time to time synchronization. Daily customer consultation with me, I want to contact the supplier and the steps of the stock price omitted, the response time is greatly reduced, the consultation rate significantly increased, a period of time or even ask each other will win, proud of myself.

did not expect a small software tools to make my usual busy store care work coupled with the work is not saturated.

spent a year like this…… Profit began to become the focus of my attention, with the supplier is more pleasant cooperation, but there is no supply channels, the price of digital products is too high degree of transparency, which are the challenges facing the store.

with a few friends of the problem, a friend suggested that I change the products, apparel products operating profit better, the reason is this kind of product price span, and the product is higher than the profit of many digital friends hand, ready-made goods are looking for distribution…… But the trouble is that Taobao is on the most competitive category, the head is not easy to a search, you can see the recommended window inside a lot a lot of clothing are.

thinks that the digital product management experience to clothing is not too difficult, with the time of day the shelves of all digital products and uploaded more than 3000 kinds of apparel products offered by friends. A friend is a Taobao veteran, he used to walk away.

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