Optimistic about the wealth of women’s financial market has been tens of millions of Yuan seed finan

July 22nd news focused on the financial management of the goddess of the financial market announced the acquisition of nearly ten million yuan seed round of financing, founder of Europe Bo said that the current round of financing is mainly used for product development and team building.  

the goddess of wealth was founded in November 2015, is a focus on the supply chain finance platform to provide financial services to the community of women, financial products are mainly targeted at female financial needs, and provide financial advisory services for users, tailored financial solutions.

product settings, the goddess of wealth is also starting from the user needs, the first phase of the introduction of short-term, medium and long-term three financial products to meet customer preferences for income, investment cycle, etc.. The first phase of the launch of the goddess plan, where registered users can enjoy 15000 yuan of principal privileges, the user has to get the privilege of $5000 principal, and enjoy the benefits of 3 days.

in the risk control, the goddess of wealth to take the majority of the assets of the central enterprises / state-owned enterprises to cooperate with the strategy, to protect the security of assets from the root cause, and the funds paid by Sina to pay an independent custodian. In technology, the firewall server control, internal and external network isolation, server monitoring and alarm to ensure the stability and safety of the users of the investment environment; SSL data encryption, to protect user data security; real-time data backup and disaster recovery, increase the anti risk ability of data.

Bo introduction, the goddess of wealth in the future will be under the line with a number of beauty, travel, food and other institutions to carry out in-depth cooperation, where investment users can enjoy the services of these institutions VIP. At the same time, will also launch a female salon, female theme party, etc., for women to create a complete, convenient, highly interactive investment platform.

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