Easy broadcast announced the completion of 60 million yuan A round of financing


today, we have reported easy broadcast officially announced the completion of 60 million yuan A round of financing, the current round of investors did not disclose, where the company PreA round of investors are also corresponding to the additional investment.

we previously reported, easy to live the main push financial programme, which is the application more representative of the scene, to live founder Chen Jianwen said, will build four scene content: news, entertainment, finance, education, media and the Master platform to build. In addition to the most common mobile terminal, the current easy to live platform has been supported 360 degree panoramic video, 3D video, etc., will also be launched for the VR related experience level products.

easy to live, said that since last September on the line, and now the number of users has exceeded 3 million, daily live users reached 300 thousand, the number of users per month to reach the number of times a few times.


now, the live market is the Red Sea, the main scene of the monthly difference, beauty, performances, games, star meeting, etc. is the main scene. In addition to the guest, pepper, such as a dedicated live products, second shot, the United States shot, A station and B station and other communities have been added to the live function.

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