Online programming learning platform Codecademy 30 million C round of financing

online programming learning platform Codecademy announced that the company has received $30 million in C round of financing funds, leading the investment side of the South African media giant Naspers. Party with the cast Youyuan Square Ventures and Flybridge Capital investor Union Partners, Index Ventures and Sir Richard Branson.


after this round of financing, the total amount of financing Codecademy reached $42 million 500 thousand, but as far as the valuation of the company now, Codecademy did not disclose.

Codecademy has 16 million registered users, currently providing free service. The company said it would use a new round of funding for the global promotion of its products, as well as its platform to expand the mobile terminal.

In an interview, Codecademy co-founder and CEO Zach

said the company is benefiting from the provision of "professional services" ($20 per month of paid services) (Sims).

but Sims had previously said that in addition to paying services, they also have a variety of potential profit.

for online programming class teaching enterprises, the biggest problem they face is that after the user charged high tuition fees, the user can not find a decent job related.

for this problem, Codecademy collected a large amount of data users in the learning process. In the long run, Sims says, their companies are far more likely to offer a solid job for graduates. And, Sims also hopes to profit in the process.

Codecademy is not only committed to providing HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP, API and other programming language teaching, but also to provide students with a similar real classroom services. Students can display the code written on the platform and get feedback from other users.

Codecademy is not the only company to provide online programming teaching, its competitors include, Thinkful,, Coursera, Udacity, Pluralsight, Khan Academy and Treehouse.

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