Ten minutes to make your site more user friendly thank you teach foreign trade

today’s tutorial to talk about how to make your site more user-friendly. Humane intention is to find manufacturers from human engineering, ecology and aesthetic perspectives in the design of products when perfect, so as to realize the purpose of people-oriented science and technology, we do a website, especially foreign websites, in addition to visual beauty, but also must try to do to humanity. Humanization includes many aspects, the following five main emphasis on the important and practical aspects:

first, site access speed. A lot of SOHO or small foreign trade companies, in order to save money, a lot of the domestic use of the virtual host, but the mainland’s international bandwidth is small is well-known. If you enter the URL, one minute can not open the site, ask, how many people will wait patiently? Even if can wait, the new page have to wait for a long time to open each time, will also allow customers to become irritable mood. In fact, the slow speed of the site will affect your site in the search engine rankings. So, even if the foreign trade website to do a little ugly, simple, and certainly can not slow down a little. Xie strongly suggested that foreign trade website must use a good server, if the customer is mainly in the Asia Pacific region, then use the Hongkong server, if the customer is mainly from Europe and the United States, then use the U.S. server. The money can’t be saved.

second, website contact. Most foreign trade websites have contact us this column, in fact, we can do a little more humane. For example, in each of the following products can add contact method; MSN SKYPE, Yahoo messager, now support online conversation, can put them on the web, let the customer with a click of the mouse, we can immediately direct communication. Like Guestbook, order online this column, some foreign websites can not wait to let customers put their birthdates all fill out, this is actually very let people hate and impatient, xieke think let the customer name and Email is enough.

third, site compatibility issues. This is a very easy to ignore, but often a mistake. This problem mainly includes two aspects, one is different browser software (different operating systems), such as IE or Firefox. One is the display resolution difference. Most of us browser resolution are generally 1024*768, but there is a part of 800*600, or 1280*1024 and so on, so we finished the site, must be in different browsers and different resolution test below.

fourth, product classification and description of a comprehensive and detailed. Classification as far as possible, the product description as far as possible to improve a little bit, itself is also an advertising their own opportunities. A lot of foreign trade web site is a picture and a product name, for old customers may not be called for new customers, there may be some inconvenience.

fifth, the site’s FAQ column. No FAQ column >

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