Ancient song micro business how to use Youku Video to promote powder

students, the most important source of micro traffic on WeChat fans, then do a lot of precision micro fan suction method, today to share one of the ways to suck powder: cool video to promote the use of powder. See this article for powder dry cargo articles, all video website promotion.

students, here is to give you a specific method:

first. You need to understand that you want to attract the type of fans, so as to determine what you need to upload video.

if you do cosmetics, so young women is your target audience, you will need to upload some young women love to watch the video, such as love movies, happy camp video.

if you really don’t know what love is your target group type video, teach you a trick to see family, can not see the other places, this trick is big data. Youku video in the lower right corner there is a number of play, as follows:


we point to open the playback number, there will be some video data, as follows.


if you think these video data is not detailed enough, you can point to more detailed data, as follows:


see here we are not understand, if you really don’t know what your target audience love video, you can use this data to find an easy job to do platform Youku, your target audience love to watch the video.

second. This step is relatively simple, determine the end of the video you want to upload, you will download all of these videos, this step I do not detail the

third. Download the video with your micro signal.

some people in order to increase the exposure rate of the micro signal, in the video on their own micro signal, there is no need to tell you here, because this is not only a video upload is not easy to pass, but also will affect the user experience, you only need to do at the end of the video with the WeChat no.. This step is the core of the entire operation, but also the most technical steps. In fact, although the technical content of this step, but it is also very easy to complete. If you have a friend who knows the video production, it is the best.

fourth. Fourth steps to upload video.

There is a suggestion here is

, do not use their own, upload, best to re apply for a number of upload, because in case the day you freak Youku number to the letter, then The loss outweighs the gain.. After the success of the video upload, you can once and for all, waiting for the fans to add you.

this is a simple way to add friends in WeChat skills, a hundred orifices orifices, this method is also applied to other video network.

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