How to do online and offline nternet plus era of network marketing


recently read a lot about the Internet and news reports, some of them are relatively new interesting things, the more deep impression as About Baidu Putian medical events, most medical personnel bidding may face unemployment; as to enter the real estate, the Internet opened a new mode of ecological; micro business for the first time included in the university volunteer professional self; the media industry and introduce some relevant Ali’s Taobao film financing completed.


does not share the SEO content today is not the website optimization, website optimization is not how to write the title, how to set up the website label, this is not from the media, not the WeChat public platform is introduced, and the cash flow is not a fan of the economy, but the main contents about how to combine online and offline conditions to complete network marketing

a, line

line, here refers to the traditional trade behavior, such as the line under the business model and the means of payment, such as cash transactions, are generally relatively "line", the line is that many companies and individuals are engaged in marketing activities, some of the traditional business management mode and means we are now in the process of practical change



with the most obvious changes in the market environment has developed the phenomenon or with the "Internet plus era" and has become particularly prominent, now the Internet marketing tools and payment tool is popular, almost covers most of the market operation mode, can also with the change of understanding of the Internet thinking makes people realize that the importance of the Internet in the business process, have set their sights on the Internet, also contributed to the development of the industry, the most common enterprises on the corporate website and the importance of the awareness of network marketing

the common way of the line, a lot of friends contact most is the O2O mode, distribution agent, physical stores, the transformation also has a deep-seated needs, in addition to the transformation of traditional industries is difficult, how to do a good job for the combination of offline and online also has been thinking about the problem of

two, online

relative to the line, the line is to make use of Internet tools and network media to carry out marketing activities, different from the traditional marketing, the use of network marketing to pay more attention to network media and Internet tools mentioned before, some of my friends came to ask now just begin to contact the network marketing, for some of the methods and platform to assist them are not very understand, but also make the effect is more and more difficult, which is probably all to do network marketing personnel problems


network platform and Internet tools to bring traffic how to transform, how to improve the conversion, which can learn from the flat

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