A flower 8000 yuan to ask me to write a website promotion program

The contents of the

scheme are as follows:

compared with the complete network marketing plan, China 169 promotion plan is relatively simple, but more specific. Generally speaking, China’s 169 promotion plan should contain at least the following main contents:

1, determine the stage goal of China’s 169 promotion. For example, in the 1 years after the release of the independent access to the number of users per day, compared with the relative ranking of competitors, the performance of the main search engine, the number of China is linked to the number of registered users, such as the number of 169.

2, China in the release of the operation of the different stages of the adoption of the Chinese 169 promotion method of 169. If possible, it is best to list in detail the specific stages of China’s 169 promotion methods, such as the name of the login search engine, the main form of online advertising and media choices, the need to invest in the cost of.

3, China’s 169 promotion strategy control and effect evaluation. Such as the promotion of the stage of the target control, promotion effect evaluation index. The control and evaluation of China’s 169 promotion plan is to find the problems in the process of network marketing, and ensure the smooth conduct of the network marketing activities.

in the form of a case to illustrate the main content of China’s 169 promotion plan. Due to the fact that each of the 169 different situations in China, it is not necessary to copy these steps and methods.

case: a Chinese 169 promotion plan (simplified version)

here will be the first one in China to promote the year is divided into 4 stages, each stage about 3 months: China’s planning and construction stage of the 169, the initial release of China in early, China’s 169 growth period, China’s stable period of 169. A company to produce and sell souvenirs, for which the establishment of a China 169 to promote the company’s products, and has the function of online orders.

the promotion plan of China 169 includes the following contents:

1, China, the promotion of the target: plan to release in China after 1 years to reach an independent visit to the user every day, 2000 people, registered users of 10000 people;

2, 169 China planning of construction stage promotion: it is from Chinese 169 officially released before the start of the extension of the preparation, in the process of China 169 construction from 169 China structure and content of Google, Baidu and other search engine optimization design;

The basic means of promotion of

3, 169 China released early: login 10 major search engines and directories (schedule 169 of the list China login), buy 2-3 network real name / Universal Web site, with some partners to establish Chinese 169 links. In addition, with the company’s other marketing activities, in part of the media and industry in China 169 corporate news release.

4, China’s promotion of the growth period of 169: when China has a certain amount of visits after 169, in order to continue to maintain China 169>

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