Viewing the changes of users from SEOWHY

SEOWHY basically can count is the founder of SEO, the original SEO one hundred thousand why, can say we are searching the SEO must be going to the SEOWHY 100 thousand why, but the passage of time, now this was the originator of SEO now is also confused, since Baidu talk about the chain of judgment that can be said for the SEO forum is a ruthless blow, SEO forum situation is Yixieqianli, tens of thousands of online at the time, but now more than five thousand, the other forum basically is, at this time some people chose to quit, for example when noise and a light in the forum, there are many difficult choice I kind of like the switch, A5 later directly chose to directly cancel the forum signature, and some time ago the domain separation forum directly enabled a new domain name, these give It is worthy of approval, can think of, but A5 members of the opening 10 yuan once Oh, so all the A5 for the short term is not a small loss, but the courage to determine success or failure, home owners actively respond to Baidu about buying and selling links of the announcement, direct closing link until now, A5 trading platform, and the webmaster has become a king, then we again in SEOWHY, only one is looking for ways to the forum has been looking for a way out, remember that only made several investigations, said to the forum how to change, then SEOWHY launched Search ask


under the condition of registration, need to invite code, need three years of SEO experience, the real name belongs to the high-end communication community, ha ha, I before the registration, really think that audit is very strict, to go around to find an expert forum invitation code, but not to the end. Hold must pass the attitude of the mailbox, unexpectedly soon received a reply, the qualification, the thought that can later participate in high-end grade exchanges, but all with imagination is not the same, the following figure should be said that most people including my heart


to search outside the forum, the forum signature from the beginning of the Cardiff release invalid theory, but did not see the forum like A5 to cancel the signature function, although only once state of the table, not long ago, search outside the forum upgrade to version 3.1, at first glance seems to be the forum signature function is cancelled, but when you can still see a sign up, signature, Baidu spider estimated not so bad, but over the landing to capture signature information, but why do you believe, in addition to Cardiff boss, no one knows why. Of course, this is not finished, look at figure


the content of their own to see everyone ah, really do not want to do too much to explain, SEO was the originator of recommendation is what ah, now can only rely on these to show.