Fang Aizhi no matter how soft or hard landing startups will burst into tears

June 27th summer Davos forum held in Tianjin, it real fund partner and CEO love and attend the "new generation of entrepreneurial spirit of innovation and enterprise valuation and other issues were discussed in depth. Fang Aizhi believes that the second generation of entrepreneurs has inherited the entrepreneurial spirit and unique innovation in its field, becoming the backbone of society, at the same time, she said, many start-up company valuations are overvalued, the valuation is gradually decreased but a few outstanding companies represent the general trend, will still maintain a high valuation.


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in entrepreneurial spirit from generation to generation.

in China we see the emergence of such a situation, the first generation of entrepreneurs after they will slowly cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs, such as the United States mission staff now began to intervene in the insurance industry, they have become the backbone of the second generation of entrepreneurs.

for example, beyond the development of airline borders before everyone, because the application of fixed mode, join the start-up aviation enterprise model began more difficult, but they are the fastest way to promote the speed of development is difficult to copy, they are increasingly willing to cooperate with startups to explore more market share using different techniques.

what can you learn from the experience of an entrepreneur?

some of China’s products and developers are very good, entrepreneurs in the domestic and foreign markets are also doing well in two, many Chinese companies directly to the United states. WeChat may be one of the best applications on the phone, the development of these people directly across the Southeast Asian market to enter the European market WeChat.

today’s headlines released new products, sing treasure this kind of singing software, Indians can be copied directly to the application, you can see a lot of things in China to the world. So I would like to know this, you can go to learn what the most popular people in Southeast Asia and the United states.

female entrepreneurs outstanding performance

Chinese has a lot of female entrepreneurs, including Taobao, which has a lot of female shopkeeper, a lot of entrepreneurs in the company, co-founder of women, at the same time there will be many partners in many banks by women in charge of leadership, this may be only 5% in the United states.

besides, in social history, like my mother and my grandmother, many women are professional women, unlike other countries, they go out to work. China has a lot of elderly people with children so that mothers can go out to work, assume more leadership positions.

China has originality innovation

I think there are more and more people, or that there are more and more information resources will be put to good company, but this is not enough, I felt that I need to have China more journalists to report these companies also need to have more information and English articles to introduce this.