Why did the 9 startups fail

after you started a company, the company successfully raised $40 million, you also have a strong team, clear mission objectives and a proven business model. But after three years of development, the company ended up in failure, this is the media have reported your embarrassing failure. These are the domestic O2O originator Homejoy story, the company has officially closed in July 31st last year.

Homejoy of course is not the only one who seems to have a good future, but ultimately failed to become nothing of the start-up companies. Founder CB Insights recently summarized the reasons of 156 failed venture share company failed, some failed because of the wrong people, either because the company expansion too fast, some of it is because there is no good sales etc.. There are millions of species, the reason startups fail here, we selected 9 representative companies, these companies see exactly what the reason is because of failure, the hope of all business friends are going to start a business and help and inspiration.

case a

shared bus service provider: Sidecar

financing amount: $45 million

company development time: 3 and a half

reasons for failure: by the end of 2015, the share of start-up companies Sidecar ride down, the software has been stopped from December 31, 2015 service. GM has announced the acquisition of Sidecar technology and assets, but the amount of the transaction has not been disclosed, the Sidecar team will also join the 20 GM. The reason for the Sidecar company was forced to prostitute, CEO Sunil Paul said: "why do we choose to sell yourself? Simply, we were forced to shut down the service and sale. We can’t compete with Uber. Uber than any other financial companies are more, but it is anti competitive. Sidecar’s valuable asset is that we are better than Uber in terms of innovation, but in spite of this, we have lost out in the market competition. The reason for the failure of Sidecar is largely due to the fact that Uber is winning at all costs, and it has enough money to do so."

case two

personalized news reading application: Prismatic

financing amount: $15 million

development time: 3 years

The causes of the failure of

: for why should shut down their services, the Prismatic team wrote in his blog on the official website: "4 years ago, we decided to develop a completely change people’s way of reading news personalized news reading application, for many people, I have.

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