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on the Internet is so advanced today, we commented on the strategy, visit historical information slowly give up and out, we are increasingly concerned about the timeliness and authenticity, we see the micro-blog platform influence, because micro-blog has created a lot of publicity through the case, this is not to deny that the existing WeChat is also a very fast communication channels. But today to each website optimization of small and medium enterprises leadership can pay attention to network marketing, to upgrade the basic concept of website design for operation, design for Sina rattan micro-blog as an example, we hope to help:

, a June 2011 Durex marketing team from micro-blog in less than two minutes of time, users will be quickly reproduced 100 times, and the number increases continuously reproduced in. The micro-blog 18:30 has been forwarded 10 thousand working days, Durex staff busy, many users comments need to reply, micro-blog 20:00 forwarding number more than 30 thousand; 24:00 more than 58 thousand, the day of the micro-blog Sina micro-blog firmly occupy the forwarding list first, is a hot topic in Beijing caused by heavy rain in the far left behind. The micro-blog Sina has become the first non micro-blog star event, but by the original and natural calamities and man-made misfortunes, brand related content is a week when forwarding a hot list first micro-blog. According to the statistics of the transmission chain, the "Durex night shoes" topic forwarded more than 90000 times in micro-blog, the top 20 of the sum of more than 10 million fans forwarding. Micro-blog spread covers at least 57 million Sina users. At the same time, Tencent, micro-blog, micro-blog, the impact of the release of the crowd is also in the tens of millions of levels. After a week, the micro-blog marketing industry praised it, this event is rated as one of the most representative social network marketing case.

note: 57 million of users reprint quite with you in the film and television advertising, but a free "viral marketing", we see not only the micro-blog fun but want to prove the authenticity of information, leading to the day many users to buy Durex experience a Durex and not the rain proof the concept, but also to promote the concept of brand and purchase.

two, "33 days" at the box office 3.4, 15 million investment, while the "Titanic" at the box office in China 360 million, the film by micro-blog, renren.com this new media promotion, was also upset, because there is no publicity company admitted that the director and star, the traditional propaganda mode is very difficult play the turn, but another way to head into the social media, but did not expect to become a micro-blog marketing classic case ", in addition to the staff, the star fans forwarding, especially for ordinary people to promote production" not lovelorn language "video, more than 20 million hits.

note: the traditional mode of cost and human input is very large, in a no one over investment in commercial movies, can get such a big surprise this is also a great charm of Internet marketing.

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