From simple preaching to play from the media can complete the transformation from girl to woman


the Lanna evening, he gave the development of new media describes such a wonderful future: fragmented user scenarios, the Internet is a way of life, when more and more attention has been focused on computer and mobile phone screen, looking for people to play their own ideas and thoughts will become a new logical pastime.


on the last day of 2014, my career has been two years since the media muddle along without any aim. When everyone envy I can stay away from the hustle and bustle in "not struggling at the moment, when there is poetry and distance", in my heart, like a stone thrown into the sea, you can experience it in the future change or disappear or form to fill Not the least trace was found., Mariana Trench the coral reef in the billions of years later.

A few days ago,

returned to Beijing to participate in titanium media "glory night", this is the first time in Beijing, nearly two years is still bustling, still complain, just complained, in addition to the 12306 haze and cheating outside, another Beijing subway. Fortunately, in Beijing farewell to 2 yuan subway era, I got on the train back home.

has assured that people are reluctant to the big city, because only in the cold world can feel warm, most people are because the dream is not strong enough, so it needs to use the reality of a big city keep beating and remind myself to let those remaining dreams will never die. This is not a cold with the people who are now in the north, in the south of the human body will not be warm is a truth, too persistent to change the present, will forget the original meaning of the original.

but that’s just once…… The change of the world is far beyond my imagination, when I think of all the media should return the ID, leisurely life, leisurely experience, slow thinking, slow writing, we suddenly found that these so-called self media cultivation principles have delayed twilight for a long time, the new since the media form has horse swagger, yueranzhishang.

love Alison · James I, already bearish from girl to woman in physiology which fishes was not aware of the change, more girls began to pay attention to, as in the past can be presumptuous, rely on beauty and youth can get the most of what you want, while women are beginning to understand Neiwaijianxiu, calm and confident, with wisdom and courage to meet a better tomorrow. From women to girls, the need for change is more self-cultivation and content, a very simple truth, but only a short time ago, I really understand the media from girls to women change.

if you want to discuss the reasons for the outbreak of the media, I believe a lot of people will be attributed to two factors:

a long time "news eight" has let most users produce fatigue, moderation, forever forever view sample sentences, readers yearning to have some sharp point of view, the style of writing concise articles, this.

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