Details of the promotion strategy determine success or failure

      the mention of promotion, web site operators are now mostly used, search engine bidding, e-mail group, traditional media, marketing promotion, organizing activities (online, offline), its website optimization, etc.. Here I do not explain one of these ways, because these are the most common means of promotion, the effect? I think most of them are not satisfactory. Where is the reason? Let me analyze:

      1 each promotion means and strategies are in separate operation, no cooperation, which will greatly reduce the promotion effect. (explained in detail later)

      2 promotion method only made a general, did not do meticulous. For example, e-mail group, a simple e-mail will be blocked by the mail server spam spam, which is a negative impact on their image. But do this somewhat to potential customers do not pay enough attention, give a person with fishing feeling. Does that mean that e-mail is not feasible? No, the mass mailing this mode of operation can be compressed by our own work, reduce the cost of staff time investment. As long as the covert operation, to avoid its drawbacks (now the market is generally random search e-mail, crazy e-mail approach) to achieve good results (explained in detail after the example)

      following my own for a company’s products (PMP certification, enterprise training, master of project management) make specific operation marketing and promotion as an example, detailed description of the above point of view:

      I have also used a blind to collect e-mail addresses, and then the practice of mass mailing. The idea can be achieved in order to achieve a good market return rate, after a period of operation, the return rate is almost zero. Visible market attitude towards this approach is very cold. After a detailed market research and analysis, summed up a set of new ways. That is to increase the quality of this part of the information collection, classification of the collected information, according to the different demand (difference between the uniqueness of their industry field), classifying between enterprise and enterprise, between the individual and the individual classification. Then in the production of different e-mail content to targeted operations. In this way, our customer groups are very good, and the return rate is high.

      here to add, in the collection of information needs in the process I used online and offline marketing activities, so that marketing and promotion of a combination of ways to carry out.

      the specific forms of activities are:

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