Network marketing skills

network marketing, is a relatively advanced marketing, network marketing and other marketing methods, there are many of their own characteristics. The application of these features, the use of good network marketing leverage for their business refueling.

1 build and update your website.

B2B platform has some limitations, the establishment of their own website more freedom, more likely to show more information, it is easier to promote their image, so that users trust. Often update their website, the user will feel the strength of the company, enterprise website, update the article every month is also very easy.

2 featured website keywords.

understand the user’s search habits, imagine what the user will find your words through the product, set the words for the ranking of the auction site or SEO keyword. Increase regional description, can reduce the difficulty of bidding and SEO, but also more targeted. For example, the relative "network marketing", "Beijing network marketing" target more accurate, less competitive.

              3 optimized to reach the page to make it more credible.

PPC keyword selection is good, do not forget to optimize the arrival of the page, so that customers more directly understand your service.

4 never forget to increase the trust of your web site.

sales of the first step is mutual trust, increase the degree of trust, including:

(1) to add details of the contact and the company address, add business enterprise certification

(2) add enterprise real photos,

(3) writing service process and service case.

can refer to the KYW 30 steps to establish the site trust

5 to establish their own industry information website to promote enterprise

industry to establish their own websites, or to the site to add an industry information section, if you provide a mechanical maintenance service enterprises, can recommend one on how to maintenance, maintenance of mechanical information website, if you are in hospital, we can establish a health website, provide more services to their customers, forever no wrong.

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