When attention continued with 8 seconds remaining starry chose to do brand marketing

[press] 100 years ago, people’s attention lasted an average of 20 minutes. In the age of the Internet, this time is reduced to 8 seconds – people are always eager to jump to the next topic, the next micro-blog, looking for the freshest feeling. The lack of attention, the birth of a "red" group; the desire for new things, the achievements of the year launched nearly 30 thousand new starry.

starry hand "red", "it has become the new" double top eleven most eye-catching topic.

a script independent marketing planning

"Korean homes are Tmall flagship store home page ‘Black’!" this is the hottest topic of speculation in October 26th. In the friends of the attack, employees engage in evil and countless other users guess, hold the event planning point of view has always accounted for the majority of users.

users will be the incident as a premeditated plan, it is not surprising that." Han clothing business media group responsible person said in an interview, the network era of brand marketing, marketing is beyond count. What’s more, users familiar with the electricity supplier for the first time out of the possible attack. After all, Tmall is very powerful, almost no security risks.

"home page anomaly" event, not pre planning, nor engage in evil employees. The responsible person said, is the artist in the switch page is the wrong picture.

for the spread of the Internet "planning and art" screenshot chats, the responsible person said with a smile: "it is very fun, but very real."

identify the reason, Korean clothing care for emergency consultations immediately, which is scheduled to begin on the evening of the same day "to cutting-edge marketing planning, through simple modifications, ahead of the curtain.

"this is the crisis response, is also an occasion to marketing!" the responsible person said, after all, "" abnormal "incident has saved energy, enough to detonate we established marketing events.

net red battle detonated a new round of attention

from the point of view of the process, the Korean homes have been very clever marketing rhythm grasp." Mr. Liu Xuemin, an expert in management consulting, gave this assessment in an interview. In his view, the original "web anomaly" event, whether it is carefully planned or unintentional, is not important. It is important that deserve cutting-edge "soon start, has accumulated a very high degree of concern.

, including me, has been very concerned about the matter itself." Liu Xuemin said, it is this curiosity created a public concern for the Korean clothing homes sustained attention.

Liu Xuemin appears in the network hot continuous attention up to three days, and starry just stepped quasi this point: in October 26th, the "anomaly" event attracted onlookers; in October 27th, with the help of star power, let the fans come; in October 28th, "Red Net" of the new group’s debut, "the second wave chain explosion".

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