How to do a good job of micro blog marketing during the Olympic Games

2012 London Olympic Games has been like a raging fire, during the Olympic Games, the major network television media will be full attention to the latest information of the Olympic Games, especially China athletes in the Olympic Games performance. For the Olympic Games micro-blog marketing how to do such a big event? Yesterday I saw a micro-blog message: passionate Olympic season Mayr Butler to join No. seven positions for the Olympics to send calls photography.


is actually similar to such prizes activities, perhaps the majority of users have been very numb. But to see such a micro-blog or there will be a lot of people to reprint, because it is very easy to reprint a micro-blog. Of course, this can not be forwarded to micro-blog everyone can get calls or prizes, but we have to take advantage of cheap mentality. Moreover, micro-blog can also be forwarded for the Olympic refueling, so basically will not refuse. This will be able to achieve a good micro-blog promotion effect, micro-blog’s forwarding volume is an important part of micro-blog marketing. Seize the Olympic Games, the national Internet users are concerned about the event of micro-blog marketing, in fact, businesses can not invest any money can also do a good job during the Olympic Games micro-blog promotion, how to operate it?

first: to carry out micro-blog marketing must first do basic work

first micro-blog marketing requires a lot of fans, of course, these are not zombie powder. Buy a lot of zombie powder can only meet their own vanity, not much practical significance. Fans need their usual maintenance, development. Then the type of fans can not be too casual, for example: you are selling weight loss products, it should be added to many young women in the micro group, or weight loss related to the micro group. Because here you can find your potential customers, and finally wait until you have a lot of fans can build their own micro group. Just as the QQ group, but do not rush to sell their products, micro-blog or QQ group promotion is dependent on network connections, and your customers "cotton", until a good relationship, and promote your products. So even if the customer will not immediately accept, there will not be too much resentment. All these are the basic work to carry out micro-blog marketing.

second: pay attention to the latest Olympic information, share the Olympic Games

recently, we are more concerned about China’s performance in the Olympic Games in London, until now, the Chinese team has won 9 gold, silver, 3 copper good results. Micro-blog the dapper, corporate or business official micro-blog can forward some Odd Photos during the Olympic Games, the Olympic Games or touching moment. The information from the Internet can find many, for example: the 2008 Olympic torch ignited the process, Lining Liu Xiang, Zhu Qinan lost the game back pain shooting gold, tears in court. Can the Olympic Games comment, micro-blog information best do illustrations, topic can arouse people’s desire to comment. Good micro-blog information will naturally be reproduced by a lot of people.

third: the use of micro-blog marketing, promotional activities

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