Web site promotion with soft Wen experience tutorial

before I start writing, I want to ask a few questions, I hope this big thinking:

1 what is soft Wen?

2 soft what use?

3 the importance of soft


4 how to write soft?

5 with soft Wen to promote to pay attention to what?

6 soft future?

A. what is soft Wen?

1 as its name implies, it is relative to the rigid advertising, by the company’s marketing planner or advertising company’s copywriter to write the text ads. Compared with hard advertising, soft Wen is called soft, subtlety is a soft word, like cotton hidden in the needle, and not dew, in the invisible enemy. Wait until you find this is a soft Wen, you have not caught the cold into the carefully designed soft advertising trap. It is the pursuit of a silent, salutary influence of education communication effect. If hard advertising is WaiGu Shaolin Kungfu; so, soft Wen is Wudang Killing with Kindness, a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance, act tough and talk soft internally and externally, is the most powerful marketing tool. Soft text only so respected, decline, the first reason is that hard advertising effect of the rising cost of TV media, a lot of low to the second one is the media for the first charge is soft hard advertising, soft input and output in the fund is not very strong under the condition of more scientific and reasonable. So the company is willing to soft water from various angles to test the water in order to enable the market to start quickly.

There are two kinds of definitions of

soft Wen, the first one is the narrow sense, the other is the broad sense of the 2. 1 narrow sense: refers to the enterprise to spend money in newspapers or magazines and other propaganda carrier published in the text of the advertisement. This definition is an early definition of what is known as paid text advertising. 2 broad definition: refers to the enterprise through the planning can enhance the corporate brand image and visibility published in newspapers and magazines or Internet publicity carrier, or can promote the enterprise sales has a propaganda, interpretation of articles, including specific news reports, articles, essays depth paid advertising, case analysis etc.. Advertisement is a soft with less investment, attract potential consumers eyeball, enhance product sales force, improve the reputation of the product, in the soft, subtle, realize the strategic tactical purposes, consumers buy advertising guide. (we are talking about is second


two. Types of soft

soft, although the myriads of changes, but eventually, mainly in the following ways:

, 1 suspense: may also be called questioning. The core is a question and answer on this issue. For example, what makes humans can ever-young? She alive?, can cure psoriasis, really? So, through the question caused by topic and attention to the advantage of this approach. But we must master the furnace, the first question should be attractive, the answer to common sense, can not be.

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