05 years did not dare to write the soft Wen computer expert

05 years to write an electronic commodity trading + resources of all front desk management download, he wrote a soft, but with this program I run for a few months, sales fell more than and 60 second-hand books, and more than and 20 mobile phone. After the discovery of electronic products warranty after-sales problem is too complicated, and I want to be responsible for the customer, so spent a lot of energy in the sale. But because I do not have the source here, all in Shenzhen’s brother to help me pick up the delivery of goods, the cost is relatively high, the cost of maintenance is also very high, so I closed the shop to concentrate on operating the local store. This program is also available in a number of free source code to download (now search to play cool electronics, but also find a lot), so this article also did not publish soft. Now attached to the address is the program demo, the price is 05 years, the statement in advance, do not scold me black.

soft start =================================

computer master the meaning of a lot of solution: such as computer programming is very good or you can solve all kinds of computer or Difficult miscellaneous diseases will use a lot of computer applications and so on. However, some people say that the computer has a feature of the master: chassis cover never cover!

I think the real computer master has one more feature: to do what you want with the least amount of money. This does not mean that the master can use the least money to buy the best computer, but the master knows how to allocate resources reasonably, with the lowest configuration can achieve their own purposes.

real martial arts master beat does not necessarily have to use a magic weapon, a leaf of a sword to defeat the enemy. The same is true of a computer master, no one dares to say who is the best computer who is the master, just use a very low configuration to make the desired results is the exact meaning of the computer master.

a great hacker can use a 486 attack succeeded, a good programmer can online sales platform to make a powerful software, with Pentium 586 a good web designer can use a PII266 to complete a text, http://s. www.ds557.com/web/web of the website interface and independent development of the 100% artists source program is a complete PII266 notebook.

maybe you will understand this truth to those who will be talking about the latest computer hardware product performance how powerful people sniff at. Master computer is configured to achieve their own purposes, not to compare the performance of hardware and entertainment. Of course, if you use the computer for the purpose of seeking the best entertainment, the expert’s recommendation will not let you down.

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