The Bilibili site was the reoccurrence of tort crisis two media companies sued

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website tort crisis reoccurrence

Beijing daily news (reporter Lu Yang Shen Yanyu), and Iqiyi network technology as well as the Guangzhou Betta fabric 9 tort litigation has not been finalized, the barrage of video website Bilibili (hereinafter referred to as "B") again sitting on the dock, Xi’an Jia Yun agency for Digital Entertainment Co. Ltd., Shanghai synacast limited to the same "works information network transmission right infringement disputes on the grounds, recently the B station to court.

B station fell into a series of violations of the main vortex due to its huge pressure on the video site. Large video sites to spend to buy expensive variety shows, TV network broadcast copyright, while the B station using a barrage of advantage caused by user diversion. In the opinion of the deputy director of Institute of Automation Science and art research center of Chinese Academy of Sciences Zhang Zhiyi, in order to increase user stickiness, maintenance, the major video sites in strengthening copyright protection at the same time, is also the attention to the construction of the barrage video. "In addition to increase user stickiness, Barrage as a form of interaction, through the communication between users can accurately determine the user’s preferences, provide the reference for the video site in the procurement of content resources, help to understand the market demand."

is Iqiyi, LETV and other large video sites have to use barrage mode, with the barrage of video thunder gradually abundant, video website in order to attract users, in the video barrage will be increasingly fierce competition. Zhang Zhiyi appears in the video site to win in a battle for a barrage of video, video content can be introduced controversial, and strengthen the interaction with the new media, to promote their own barrage video to get more market share.