Morocco’s Supreme Council for Education Prepares Strategic Roadmap for Reform

Rabat – The Supreme Council for Education, Training, and Scientific Research is preparing a strategic report that will detail a roadmap for comprehensive reform of the national system of education and training.In a press conference held in Rabat, Mr. Omar Azziman, Head of the Supreme Council, explained that this report will establish a roadmap for the reform of the educational system through the cooperation of government sectors and other relevant institutions.The report is also the result of a participatory process that will take into account the views and interpretations of various stakeholders to make the goals of educational reform accessible to all. Regional stakeholder meetings for reforming the system of education, training, and scientific research will begin on Tuesday. The opinions and suggestions heard at these meetings will be used in preparation for the report of the Strategic Council, and will form a critical basis for the bodies of the Council tasked to prepare this report.Mr. Azziman stressed that the report will highlight the “foundations of change necessary for the rehabilitation of the national system of education, training, and scientific research.”Similarly, the Head of the Council noted that Morocco is ready for a comprehensive and successful reform of the educational system. The country is ready to explore new prospects for a Moroccan School able to meet the challenges of education and training, rehabilitation, and technological innovation.Mr. Azziman also mentioned the imbalances and obstacles that are still impeding the achievement of the desired objectives. He discussed the main challenges in the lack of continuity of educational policies, the poor academic achievement among students, the serious issues of the language of education, the teaching of languages, and school dropouts.In addition, he highlighted the main challenges limiting coherence and harmony in Moroccan education. He said there are a lack of connections between school education, vocational training, and higher education.

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