500 simplified Chinese checked 425 pornographic web server in the United States

newspaper news (reporter Li Tao) yesterday morning, the Beijing cultural market administrative law enforcement corps held a press conference on the network law enforcement team leader Shen Rui introduced, according to the survey of 500 simplified Chinese porn sites, servers in the United States set 425. According to the settings in the foreign websites in China had no jurisdiction over the problem, the next step will strengthen international cooperation, let multinational network enterprises to take the social responsibility of pornography. At the same time, our country will use the shielding website search results, prohibit advertising and other methods to limit its development in china.

according to reports, the 500 master of the pornographic website, server settings in the United States 425, 22 in Japan, South Korea 5, Singapore 5, Britain, India, Hungary, Holland, Spain, Czech and Canada 10, Chinese, 10, Hongkong 13, Taiwan 1 9, the server address is unknown, based in the mainland’s website is also a frequent replacement.

according to reports, the majority of sites in the viewing pornographic videos require users to download the site to provide players and other plug-ins. Nora was destroyed after the company, some of its version of the player is still in use, there are a lot of online players with Nora player technology similar principles." Shen Rui said that some of the players in the download contains Trojans and viruses.

it is understood that, in accordance with international practice and China’s existing laws, the Chinese government has no jurisdiction on such sites, forensics and supervision must be achieved through international judicial cooperation. In this regard, the cultural law enforcement corps official said, according to the propagation characteristics and profit model of pornographic websites, composed of search engine, browser operators, Internet advertising companies to set up a working group in China, focusing on the search, login, advertising the three main links of the central work.