Morocco’s First Female Royal Advisor, Zoulikha Nasri, Dies

Rabat – Morocco’s first female royal adviser passed away on Wednesday in Rabat.Born in Oujda in 1935, Zoulikha Nasri was the first female royal advisor in the history of Morocco. She was appointed in this position by the late King Hassan II in 1998 and was tasked with social and economic affairs.The deceased held different high ranking positions, including Director of Insurance Department at the Ministry of Finance. She was one of four women ministers in the Government of Abdellatif Filali, inaugurated in August 13, 1997. She was appointed head of Mohammed V foundation in 1999, and the Head of Mohammed VI foundation for the reintegration of prisoners in 2002. Zoulikha Nasri was a holder of a PhD in private law at the Institute of Insurance in Lyon, France. She obtained a Masters’ degree in law at the university of Mohammed V in Rabat and holds a diploma from l’école national d’administration in 1967 in Rabat.She will be buried after the Al Asr prayer at Shouhada cemetery in, Rabat.

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