PJBlog3 is about to have a major update

PJBBS I as one of the most diligent paparazzi players. Today brings us the latest information on PJBlog3.

PJBlog3 official technical support site – PJBBS executives have long been informed that this week will be based on the PJBlog3 version of v2.8.4.136 add some important new features. Including very cool and gorgeous online installation plug-in Plugins, skin Skins/Themes. This feature has been implemented in many Blog blog programs. For example, the first independent blog Bo-Blog I have used this function, PJBlog’s rival ZBlog also have the same function. But it seems that the most famous PHP Blog program instead of WordPress, I do not know why, it is estimated that it is not practical.

at the same time, in the updated online content after install the plug-in Plugins, skin Skins/Themes PJBlog /PuterJam will Zishun author Chen to newer and better plug-in Plugins, updated online skin Skins/Themes, this update will use Ajax technology in the automatic detection of skin plug Plugins/ Skins/Themes background version, and the default on the server version of the official update the data comparison, if there is the new plug-in Plugins/ skin Skins/Themes version, the installation will automatically download the updates. This feature is similar to the imitation WordPress function.

well, look forward to. According to Chen Zishun, author of PJBlog /PuterJam, the above is true. But he himself will begin the new round of PJBlog3 updates after his laptop is repaired. But I do not know if the PJ3 update after the PJBlog3 version will not be upgraded to PJBlog3 v2.8.5. Keep waiting.

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