NetEase to join the cloud computing industry will set off the war how to change


text / Li Donglou (micro signal: lidonglou)

the concept of cloud computing in 2009 has been frequently mentioned, that is more like IBM international business giants mentioned in the data center business, and in the next few years, cloud computing business got rapid development in China, especially after the outbreak of the mobile Internet, the major Internet Co have increased the force of cloud computing business. In particular, from last year, the Internet giants have been in the cloud computing business as an important strategic business to focus on training.

BAT, cloud computing has reached fourth giant

first jumped out of ali. Ali cloud layout for many years, since the acquisition of the largest domain name service vendors Chinese million net after they began quietly cultivating cloud computing business, especially in the last year began to frequent high-profile appearance, domestic and international market together with the force, and this is the IaaS business has been fully satisfied or contented, become the boss, according to international data research institutions IDC data show and in the IaaS market, Ali cloud in 2015 revenue reached $259 million.

Tencent in the cloud computing market in 2015 is also not resigned to playing second fiddle, also launched a fierce impact on the market, because the Tencent invested many mobile Internet startups in the past few years, the Tencent will first open cloud computing services to the invested enterprises, such as drops, E wash bags etc. is the service object. And in 2016, equivalent to the market value of the company as Ali, in the field of cloud computing is to continue with the Diamond cuts diamond. Ali, and Ali cloud in the products on the market and the unprecedented favorable rhythm action.

, by contrast, Baidu in the field of cloud computing while also optimized for many years, but really began to force the time is in this year, in July this year, Baidu announced its open cloud strategy, Baidu chairman Robin Li also attended the platform, while the Baidu World Conference in February after a lapse of Baidu, also known as cloud computing business is the focus of the business throughout the audience, so the cloud computing business also has become a strategic business of Baidu.

recently, a "stealth" Internet giant NetEase also joined the cloud war, in September 20th, the NetEase held NetEase cloud Strategy Conference in Shanghai, and the cloud computing strategy positioning in the " scene; cloud services ", and announced to resolve the technical scheme of + " the knowledge system output, Internet; +" era of corporate R & D and operation requirement. In fact, NetEase joined the war has long been a harbinger of cloud computing. NetEase launched a IM cloud services cloud letter NetEase in October last year, this year, the NetEase is a released NetEase seven fish cloud service, NetEase, NetEase, NetEase hive video cloud cloud service products easy to shield. In September 20th, the official release of NetEase cloud strategy, is a prelude to a series of

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