Do what you like and then fight for it

this title I think for a long time

someone will ask: how long is it?

In fact,

is a long time for a long time! I am going to apply for the outdated, not to apply for landing, please see to understand, but also please old webmaster who hold personal field!

why should I write a title like this, in fact, I myself did not want to know, of course, it is not necessary to think clearly, I really don’t know how to be an old webmaster, do stand for a few years old stationmaster? Or traffic on the W old webmaster do also? Age is already over fifty to the old webmaster

?Some problems of

this is what I now do not understand, I really do stand for a few years themselves are not very clear, I remember I know when the site is in high school, when NetEase personal space do not know if you have not heard, but I did not know the laggards BBS, I applied for three but my own space NetEase at the time, so I don’t know how to do, every day in the Internet bar mix, finally know a HTML, FTP. Then I will use a website to download a horoscope website put up, then the NetEase space only supports HTML, the station is pure HTML but, I don’t know what to do with the site, only a person happy, love it, so I go online every day, every day to open your own web site, unfortunately, do not know what time the NetEase space is turned off, because NetEase do not provide this Kind of service.

is the first NetEase seems to provide space for it, anyway I know by e-mail of the NetEase, before we know the personal space, then known as HTML anyp ANYP, to know, there are a lot of people should be aware of it, he was offered service is now the blog, but this blog known simply as like as two peas. Be takes away, when ANYP users a good big ah, but I had a couple of their space, also don’t know what to do with, to learn HTML is a great help, though there monkeying around a long time, but after all learned something.

is in the later space to provide space, but also not to spend money, 100M ah, for me is a big… Big, because at that time the NetEase to provide space for only 10M ah, suddenly encountered a 100M, ha ha. But only put a very simple space now stand on it. Still, the site can be put out to let everyone see. Because I am playing a game at the time, so do such a station, then to please do a MM, the webmaster can learn

, ha ha!

later heard about IK8, I have been able to make their own HTML website at that time, when applied to a IK8 space, hand made a very good site, was really excited, because some people say that my station is doing well. I began frantically learning code, crazy learning the program, then you know that often, know why I choose ASP. >

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