Gorilla Glass has a new competitor called Dragontrail

first_imgAs smartphones move to ever larger displays they become an important part of the strength component of the overall handset. At the same time users don’t want them to scratch easily or crack if dropped. The best solution at the moment seems to be Gorilla Glass which is used by a range of manufacturers, and has recently even been scaled up to work with tablets and LCD TVs.But Gorilla Glass isn’t going to be the only option for much longer. Japanses company Asahi has unveiled its own super-strong glass solution called Dragontrail. Although there have been no direct comparisons between the two strong glass products, you can tell from the tests in the video that Dragontrail has some serious strength on offer.Gorilla Glass should have 2011 to itself as it doesn’t look like Dragontrail will be seen in use until 2012. When it is, and if it matches Gorilla Glass on strength claims, then manufacturers should expect prices to fall as the two companies compete for market share.For consumers it should mean thinner and lighter devices as strong glass can be thinner. It also means less chance of that tablet or smartphone screen cracking or scratching.Read more at Electronistalast_img

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