Network letter system to carry out network extortion and paid delete posts remediation

national network information office, Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of public security, the State Administration of press and publication nationwide jointly launched the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work, the national network information office to act quickly, to convene a national letter network system to mobilize the deployment of video conferencing system of the net in the letter of the four departments to implement the decision, to carry out special rectification work mobilization, clearly the work objectives, requirements and specific measures. After the meeting, the national network information system reacted strongly, we have pledged to further unify their thinking and action to the special rectification work requirements and arrangements, to strengthen the work of planning, power equipment and coordination, through solid action, efforts to control network extortion and delete posts paid "the majority of people hate network pollution.

is generally considered to carry out special rectification in a timely manner, it is necessary

Generally think of

around the net letter network department, extortion and paid posts a serious violation of national laws and regulations, serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of the masses, serious damage to the network communication order, serious damage to network management and network media image, seriously disrupting the order of the socialist market economy, the community reflects the strong, do not solve this problem, the network space is difficult to talk about "clear". National network information office and other four departments to combat extortion and Governance Network paid posts as the 2015 "open the first gun", put forward to the concept of the rule of law, resolute attitude, aggressive and effective means to play a game of online annihilation, with the party and the people’s requirements, conform to the community expectations, reflects the net the letter department the courage to face the problem, the courage to move really tough action determination and courage, for the construction of social credit system, promote the healthy development of the Internet, is of great significance to enhance the credibility of the government. National network information office said, will play a leading role in the organs, special rectification work in a "vanguard", under the above rate, make demonstration and example for all network information department.

will strengthen the rectification as an important starting point for the

team constructionBeijing, Heilongjiang, Hainan

, Sichuan net letter department, to strengthen the special rectification as an important starting point for network team construction, thorough investigation of the ghost, cleaning the house, do "person first oneself", and effectively prevent the black light". Tianjin, Hunan, said the Guangxi net letter departments, Party members and cadres should be organized to further strengthen the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech series, especially in the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the five plenary session of the spirit of an important speech learning, use scientific theory to arm the minds in the "strong ideological line of defense" efforts; Jiangsu, Fujian, Guangdong, said Chongqing net letter department, to establish and perfect the relevant system of work, improve work processes and internal control measures, plug the loopholes in the system, in the "truss system fence" efforts; Henan, Yunnan, said the Tibet net letter Department, to strengthen the clean government and discipline style construction, continue to strengthen the party members and cadres training and style to develop, to cultivate the practice of "net letter spirit", "in shaping a good image on efforts to achieve" blacksmith needs its own hardware, a Build a loyal, dedication and hard work of the Internet Management > Tiejun

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