US Navy gets hit with 110000 cyber attacks every hour

first_imgDuring Hewlett Packard’s Discover event held in Frankfurt, Germany, the company let slip that the US Navy is getting hit by 110,000 cyber attacks per hour, or about 30 attacks every second. At the event, Mike Nefkens, head of enterprise services at HP, said, “For the US Navy we provide the network for 800,000 men and woman [sic] in 2,000 locations around the world, protecting them against 110,000 cyber attacks every hour.” He most likely made the statement in an attempt to boast about HP’s capabilities, but rather, revealed the constant threat from cyber attacks the US Navy faces.Hewlett Packard has this information because they signed a $3.3 billion deal back in 2010 to manage the Navy Marine Corps Intranet, as well as the Navy’s move to a Next Generation Enterprise Network.The sheer number of attacks are staggering any which way you look at it. If that 110,000 attacks per hour figure doesn’t sound too impressive, what about 96.4 billion cyber attacks per year, or about 1,833 attacks per minute?Back in 2011, the Pentagon ruled that cyber attacks originating from another country officially constitute an act of war, and can be responded to with standard military actions. This, of course, meant that the US could launch a military strike in retaliation to some kind of hack that threatened national security — you know, like 96.4 billion attacks against the US Navy. Granted, not all of those attacks might come from other nations, but the majority of them most likely don’t come from some kid in a basement having a laugh. If the attackers are aware of the Pentagon’s ruling, it goes to show how confident they must feel about the security of their identity.via V3last_img

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